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Q.T.P Concepts

Introduction to Automation Testing

Benefits Of Automation Testing

Tool Selection Criteria

Automation Testing Life Cycle

Introduction to QTP

DDT from Key Board

DDT from Data Table(Global , Action Sheets)

DDT with using Import Data From Excel Sheet

User defined functions

Object repository

DDT with using if Condition


System Util & Invoke Application

Regular expressions

Recovery manager

Environment variables

Get RO Property

Get visible text


Synchronization Points

Frame work

VB Scripting ( Click Here For VB Script Concepts List )

Testing on web Application

Web table Methods

DDT from Flat File

DDT from Flat File with using split ()

Passing Parameters to actions

Data Base Connection

AOM ( Automation Object Model )

Object identification

Smart identification

Object spy

Descriptive programming

Virtual object

Check Points

Recording Modes

Run Modes

Debug Viewer


Batch testing

Transaction Points

Output Values

Keyword View & Expert View


Q.C. Connection